Waldo's Restaurant & Bar
3150 Ocean Drive
Vero Beach, Florida 32963

Ph: 772.231.7091

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Thank you for Visiting the Waldo's Restaurant & Bar Contact Us Section.
Unfortunately we no longer accept reservations. We cannot hold tables unseated while numerous guests are waiting in line for the next available table. We hope you understand. Doing this ensures all guests are treated equally and fairly. Please visit us in person, enjoy your day among family and friends with cold cocktails and breathtaking views. We guarantee you will be seated as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you may call us by phone 772.231.7091.

Employment with Waldo's Restaurant and Bar

If you are seeking Employment with Waldo's Restaurant & Bar, then the best thing for you to do is come on a day and time when we are not so busy and apply, by filling out an application in person.
For instance: A Monday or Tuesday morning before 11 a.m. is a good time to come in and apply. We only accept applications from individulas that come in and apply, if you have any further questions regarding employment with Waldo's Restaurant and Bar then please write: info@historicwaldos.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where is the hostess table? The hostess table is located adjacent to the pool, by the deck overlooking the ocean.
2. Where is Waldo? Last time we saw him he was walking around talking to guests.
3. Can I stay at the Driftwood if I want to? Visit www.verobeachdriftwood.com for more information or just walk up to the Main Office, located on Ocean Drive.
4. Where is the bathroom? The newly renovated bathrooms are located on the north side of our Bar, adjacent to the hand-made wooden staircase.
5. When is the kitchen open and serving food? Waldo's Restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner from 11a.m. until 9p.m.
6. When is the bar open? Waldo's Bar is open until midnight all week and 11 p.m. on Sundays.
7. Do you have happy hour drink specials? Yes, happy hour is between 4-7p.m., 7 days a week. Waldo's offer reduced prices on Draft Beers, Domestic Bottled Beer, House Wines and Single Liquor Well Cocktails.
8. Do you have happy hour food specials? Yes, Waldo's serves it's bar patrons with hors d'oeuvres at 5p.m. Monday - Friday, Friday is always Tasty Tacos Friday.
9. Are you still open if it is raining? Yes, we remain open if it is raining. Unless the weather is considered a storm, we typically remain open. We have an inside dining room and a comfortable bar inside if it is raining. Call us if you are unsure we are open due to weather. Bands and Entertainment scheduled for our outside venue move inside and continue to entertain in case of rain.
10. Do you permit people to bring their own coolers with food and refreshments on your 300 feet of beach? Unfortunately, people would take advantage of our lovely shoreline and leave unwanted litter for our staff to pick up. So we had to ask beachgoers to refrain from bringing outside food and refreshments onto our property.
11. If I am having drinks at the bar, can I jump in the pool? Sorry, the pool(s) is reserved for Driftwood Inn Guests.
12. Can I have my Wedding, Special Event or Fundraiser held at Waldo's Restaurant and Bar? You sure can... Simply call us by phone 772.231.7091.
13. Can I make reservations for lunch or dinner by calling or sending an email? Unfortunately we no longer accept reservations. Please visit us in person, and enjoy the day, you and your party will be seated as soon as possible. If you have any questions, call us by phone 772.231.7091.
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Waldo's Restaurant & Bar can be found at 3150 Ocean Drive in Vero Beach within the Driftwood Resort.
For information on the Driftwood Resort and Rental Accomodations please click the link above.

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